Rethinking Children’s Rights

Attitudes in Contemporary Society

This book explores attitudes towards and experiences of children’s rights. Phil Jones and Sue Welch draw on a wide range of thought, research and practice from different fields and countries to debate, challenge and re-appraise long held beliefs, attitudes and ways of working and living with children. Children’s own perspectives on their lives and on adults’ attitudes towards them are drawn on throughout the book.

Recent developments in the definition of rights are considered from a variety of perspectives and arenas of children’s lives and the future impact of these changes on children’s lives, and for those who feature in children’s lives, are examined. The themes discussed include power relations between adults and children, the child’s voice, intercultural perspectives, social justice, social exclusion, empowerment, gender and disability.

Examples of research, reflections on research, activities, key points and guidance on further reading make this a really accessible text.

Rethinking Children’s Rights is essential for those studying childhood at undergraduate and graduate level, and of great interest to those working with children in any field.

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