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Unaccompanied and separated children (UASC) are vulnerable to many threats and face particular protection challenges and an uncertain future. This publication looks at the lives of UASC in Egypt, Ethiopia, Sudan, and Yemen. It examines the particular and unique challenges facing UASC in each respective country.

The UNHCR recognizes the regional dimension of the protection risks for UASC and has therefore enacted a regional initiative to combine both regional and country-specific specifications. It complements existing regional initiatives designed to address smuggling and trafficking.

The regional initiative seeks to achieve the following:

  • Children are better protected against the risks associated with secondary movement, trafficking and smuggling
  • Children benefit from appropriate alternative care arrangements
  • Children have access to tracing services and can be reunited with their families
  • Children have access to developmental and livelihoods opportunities
  • Child protection systems are strengthened to address the challenges faced by children in a holistic way
  • Better outcomes for children through more effective regional coordination and cooperation


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